Dunn Rustic Designs: OUR STORY


My husband & I have known each other since preschool! We are truly best friends & love being able to work together. Though we had met at the age of 3, our lives took us in different directions for a while. Chase stayed in Kentucky for schooling and I ventured out to California to pursue my acting and singing career. Though I had a few successes, I knew that God was changing my heart. I needed to leave Los Angeles after the 6 long years I had been out there, and to go home. Knowing my heart & what God was leading me to, I left for Kentucky to see what living a "normal" life would be like again, & what God would have in store for me there. That's when Chase came back into the picture.
Still seeking my ambitions, Chase & I decided to move to California, where we would get married & give California another try. Let's just say, it was not any better this time. After another 6 long months and our wedding, we left THE NEXT DAY!

So here it is, how our shop officially started: I didn't have much help for my own wedding, due to most of my family living across the country. Chase & I also didn't have a lot of money...AT ALL. So we had the pressure of everyone flying out here for a wedding we really couldn't afford. I decided to explore my God given artistic talents, not with acting or singing, but designing, creating and painting. I made everything for my wedding. It was stressful but at the same time, liberating. Even though it was hard to see how that was a blessing at the time, it turned out beautifully. Everyone told me I need to do this for a living. I took it into consideration... but doubted the outcome. Chase had worked as a laborer & a welder and thought we could make something out of this.

After we returned home, we went on our honeymoon. We then planned this business for about a month. On January 1st 2014, Dunn Rustic Designs opened our online shop. Honestly, it's been amazing. God has blessed us SO much! I worked alongside Chase every single day in our home workshop where we enjoyed spending every minute together, designing our merchandise up until the night I went into labor. Now, here we are, with 2 employees! We are so thankful for these opportunities that God has given us & our family. I now work inside the home with Ava Grace & do the online work while Chase works super hard in the garage with his new employees. We also have someone handling the shipping for us! Praise God!

Our biggest accomplishments: We welcomed our first baby, Ava Grace, into this world on December 11, 2015. We welcomed our second baby, Levi James, into this world on January 8th, 2018. We are incredibly happy as a family and hope to keep adding to our family in the future!

I know this was a long description, but I think our story is pretty special :)

Thank you for reading! I hope you love our items. Feel free to message me if you need something.

Thanks again & God Bless!

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